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Here are examples of previously handcrafted Wizard Wands.  We suggest that you design your own wand utilizing combinations from the list of materials found on the CREATE page, melded with design features displayed below. 




Netsuke Dragon & Bloodwood Sorcerer Magic Wand

Endcap: Carved Netsuke Dragon / Handle: Spiral Carved Blackwood / Shaft: Bloodwood / Tip: Rick Carter / Accents: St Silver



Rick Carter Marble & Blackwood Wizard Wand

Endcap: Marble by Rick Carter / Handle: Lattice Carved Blackwood / Shaft: Chattered Blackwood / Tip: Rick Carter / Accents: St Silver



Rick Carter & Stalagmite/Stalactite Sorcerer Magic Wand

Endcap: Rick Carter / Handle: Stalagmite or Stalactite / Shaft: Chattered Ebony / Tip: Rick Carter / Accents: St Silver



Owl Ebony & Lapis Lazuli Harry Potter Wand

Endcap: Cast St Silver Owl / Handle: Ebony / Shaft: Ebony / Tip: Lapis Bullet / Accents: St Silver



Tigereye, Rutizated Quartz, & Blackwood Magic Sorcerer Wands

Endcap: Rutilated Quartz / Handle: Blackwood / Shaft: Ebony / Tip: Tigereye / Accents: St Silver



Rick Carter Lattice Rosewood & Rainbow Moonstone Wizard Magick Wand

Endcap: Rick Carter / Handle: Lattice Carved Rosewood / Shaft: Carved Blackwood / Tip: Rainbow Moonstone / Accents: St Silver 



Rosewood & Hellhound Sorcerer's Wand

Endcap: Ivoroid Star Inlaid / Handle & Shaft: Gnarled Tree Rosewood / Tip: St Silver Hellhound / Accents: St Silver



Sterling Silver Dragon & Amboyna Wizard Wand

Endcap: St Silver Dragon by Jerry Gehringer / Handle: Amboyna Burl, Blackwood / Shaft: Gabon Ebony / Tip: Quartz / Accents: St Silver



Sorcerer's Wand - Crystal & Ebony

Endcap: Crystal Sphere / Handle: Gabon Ebony / Shaft: Pink Ivory / Tip: Quartz / Accents: St Silver



Harry Potter Magic Wand - Snakewood & Silver Dog

Endcap: St Silver Dirtydog by Jerry Gehringer / Handle: Snakewood / Shaft: Blackwood / Tip: St Silver Hellhound / Accents: St Silver



Dragontear, Opal, & Hardwood Sorcerer Wand

Endcap: Dragontear / Handle: Stacked Hardwood / Shaft: Gabon Ebony / Tip: Opal / Accents: St Silver



Cocobolo Ebony Wizard's Wand

Endcap: Sugilite / Handle: Cocobolo / Shaft: Gabon Ebony / Tip: Goldleaf-backed Aquamarine / Accents: St Silver



Turquoise & Myrtle wood Wizard Wand

Endcap: Turquoise / Handle: Bloodwood / Shaft: Fiddleback Myrtle / Tip: Amethyst / Accents: St Silver



Amethyst, Quartz & Ebony Magic Wizard Wand

Endcap: Amethyst / Handle & Shaft: Gabon Ebony / Tip: Quartz / Accents: St Silver



Amboyna, Cocobolo & Lapis Lazuli Sorcerer Wand

Endcap: St Silver Vortex Dome / Handle: Amboyna Burl / Shaft: Cocobolo / Tip: Lapis Lazuli / Accents: St Silver



Two-faced Jester Star Dopzide Wizard Wand

Endcap Handle: St Silver Two-faced Jester by Jerry Gehringer / Shaft: Gabon Ebony / Tip: Star Diopside / Accents: St Silver



Nuumite & Dichroic Glass Sorcerer Wand

Endcap: Dichroic Glass / Handle: Gabon Ebony / Shaft: Cocobolo / Tip: Nuumite / Accents: St Silver



Amber, Snakewood & Moonstone Wizard Wands

Endcap: St Silver Filigree Dome with Moonstone / Handle: Snakewood / Shaft: Gabon Ebony / Tip: Amber / Accents: St Silver


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